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-what it means for you.

Steering is iligal in the automotive world. As the vehicle owner YOU have the choice of where your car is fixed. Some insurance companies will actually bully the insured, or say that they will not warrantee the work of a shop other then their "preffered" shop. companies do not own the bodyshop, they can't warantee their work anymore then they guarantee the surgeons work in a bypass surgery. On the other hand, we do own our shop. Therefore we do have a lifetime warrantee on ALL of our parts and service no matter who your insurance company is. Even if you have no insurance, we will still stand by our product for as long as you own the vehicle. The sole reason for steering customers is so that the insurance company can pay less for the repair to increase their bottom line. The old adage holds true, "you get what you pay for". Instead of dealing with the headache, call us first and we will handle the insurance company. We have been doing this for 70 years (longer then most insurance companies have been in business) we know what we are doing. Below is a video on steering to give you a little better idea on what happens and why.



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